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In todays society stress is a major problem, we aim to combat that with the introduction of Neurochill.

Our busy lives take control and with the working pattern of most people evolving past the conventional 9 to 5 job the need for people to relax and slow down is ever more prevalent as stress increasing hour by hour.

Our busy lifestyle’s have a direct negative impact on our body’s, mind and overall disposition preventing us performing to the best of our ability both professionally, personally and socially, restricting our ability to fully focus on tasks at hand. This can effect directly effect your jobs and relationships on all levels.

The good news is, we have developed a formula “Neurochill” to specifically combat the rigour of these everyday stresses allowing you to relax and rest your body so you can be fresh and ready for anything life throws at you, without feeling drowsey.

Stress can be a killer if unrecognised.

The main hormone level increased directly as a result of high or even medium stress levels is “Cortisol”. The rise in cortisol has been shown in many studies to directly negatively impact the bodies systems and can lead to medical conditions such as central obesity, impotence, heart disease, memory loss and other documented nasties, so do yourself a favour start to relaxxxxxxxxx.

The formula that is “Neurochill” is a combination stack of Nootropics and stress/cortisol managers that allow the body to relax and unwind reducing the Cortisol levels in your system, allowing your body to reboot without leaving you drowsey. The specific combination we have formulated has shown after clinical trials to compliment each other, making for the perfect an all in one relaxent to combat stress on a daily basis.