Ultracholine® Essentials - Optimised Cognition | 60 Capsules

Ultracholine® Essentials - Optimised Cognition | 60 Capsules

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Ultracholine® Essentials - Optimised Cognition

Ultracholine Essentials is a choline and mood optimization formula, with core brain nutrients associated with acetylcholine restoration, mood and memory function, while reducing anxiety.

Ultracholine Essentials is a simplified alternative to Ultracholine, but only providing the nutrients associated with neurotransmitters and mood. Ultracholine has natural, vegan friendly DHA, B-Vitamins, Uridine Monophosphate and the purest forms of choline, that combines into a formula that uses a multi-faceted approach to maximise the acetylcholine’s production and efficiency.


Key benefits:

  • May stimulate acetylcholine production and synthesis.
  • May improve memory and concentration levels.
  • May promote healthy receptor growth, utilizing multiple mechanisms of action.
  • Complete choline replenishment.
  • May improve mood and reduce anxiety by stimulating dopamine.

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