L Theanine - Anxiety & Better Mood | 50 Grams | Powder

L Theanine - Anxiety & Better Mood | 50 Grams | Powder

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L-Theanine - Better Mood and Cognitive Support 


L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid, commonly found in tea. It does not contain any caffeine itself; but it is thought to be the ingredient in green tea responsible for its calming effects.

L-Theanine has been shown to improve mood, reduce physical and mental stress and as well as enhance cognition, it does so without drowsiness or reducing alertness.

GABA doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier all too well, but L-Theanine works by increasing GABA levels in the brain naturally. GABA is a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating the neurons in the body, reducing insomnia and general restlessness. Theanine also increases the levels of dopamine, which with GABA, helps provide a calming and mood-boosting effect.


Key benefits

  • Can improve mood
  • Has been shown to reduce anxiety
  • Increases natural GABA levels

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